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About Enzymes

Enzymes are the consummate specialists in the body. Each has a specific function that no other enzyme can fulfill. The shapes of some particular enzymes are so specialized that they will initiate specific reactions only in certain substances.

While the body manufactures a supply of enzymes, it can also obtain enzymes from food. To obtain the maximum effectiveness, and to avoid destruction by the heat of cooking, the food must be eaten raw. Cooked foods will be depleted of all enzymes. Those not eating raw foods or supplementing their diets put an undue strain on the body’s enzyme supply.

To ease the body’s burden it is helpful to eat raw foods such as avocados, bananas, and mangos are rich in enzymes, besides tasting good to boot. If coked and raw foods are eaten during the same meal, take several enzyme supplements during the meal – not afterward. If you are one of those who physically cannot swallow a tablet or pill simply open the capsule and sprinkle it on your food. If it is in a tablet forms consider breaking it into smaller pieces to make it easier to swallow. Powdered enzymes are easily sprinkled on food or mixed with water.

Over-the-counter enzymes may be sold in combinations with other enzymes or as separate items. Some products may contain garlic or rose his to help with digestion. Commercial enzymes are made from animal enzymes such as pancreatin and pepsin, or plant enzymes. Animal enzymes aid in digestion in the lower stomach and intestinal tract. Plant enzymes begin their work in the upper stomach.

The majority of commercially available enzymes are digestive in nature. The rest are metabolic enzymes that deal with other various phases of the life process. All the body’s organs, tissues, and cells are run by metabolic enzymes.

Get started as soon as possible on some kind of daily vitamin and enzyme supplement regimen. Basic nutrition can go a long way towards greatly improving your health and well-being.