Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen

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In 1925, the Japanese have inhabited the town of Shanghai. They have the town split across a number of settlements. They’re preparing a massive scale invasion of China. Not only are the Chinese being bullied from the Japanese, but they are also plagued by Westerners who’ve come with their sway and getting rich off their companies.

He often hangs out in the Casablanca nightclub where a gorgeous singer, Fang Qing (Shu Qi) aka Kiki works.

Together they’re planning to direct a resistance against their own Japanese oppressors.

They see a chance in this to induce internal strife among the Chinese men and women. The Japanese will then plant the attribute on a rival army leader, General Zhuo (Yue Ma). After the Japanese kill Zeng it will lead to a civil war between the two rival military leaders to ensue and create their conquest of China simpler.

Colonel Takeshi Chikaraishi (Ryu Kohata) is the sadistic chief of the Western army faction at Shanghai. He starts killing individuals of the anti-Japanese immunity on a record sent by his superiors at Tokyo.

Colonel Takeshi also begins putting two and two together to learn the Qi Tianyuan is really Chen Zhen the masked hero. He soon finds out that Fang goes under the title of Yumi Yamaguchi, a secret agent for the Japanese army.

The mad General Zeng allies himself with the Western and strikes General Zhuo, that had been blamed for the murder of his girlfriend. Chen Zhen is soon taken captive after being calmed by the Japanese.

Shortly after his buddies attack and destroy the construction he’s being held . The Japanese choose to discharge the badly injured Chen. The exact same Dojo Chen Zhen murdered the Colonel’s dad a decade back.

Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen is a costly Hong Kong action/martial arts creation. The storyline of the movie was done before in several Hong Kong movies. Several Hong Kong movies have similar aesthetics like the Jet Li films: Once Upon a Time in China (1991), Fist of Legend (1994), Fearless (2006), along with the Donnie Yen movie: IP Man (2008).
The movies listed are similar concerning the topics of oppression on screen. The Superhero costume worn out by Donnie Yen at Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen Is Quite like the style of Kato’s Green Hornet costume. Jet Li wore a version of this costume to get his 1996 Black Mask movie. The stunning and alluring Shu Qi excels in this film.

She was fantastic with her lively performance as the celebration tough Casablanca nightclub singer, Fang Qing aka Kiki. She’s frequently drunk during the movie. Fang Qing demonstrates she has a heart within her last scenes as the secret agent, Mrs. Yamaguchi, which ultimately contributes to her sad death.

I’ve observed a few of Donnie Yen’s films from his early days lately. His martial arts abilities are somewhat more impressive today. His charismatic presence has more star power today. Of his latest work, I liked Flash Point the ideal. SPL was also quite excellent.

Donnie Yen is in prime shape, because his own body is much more sculpted than before in his career. Concerning realism, Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen includes a Great Deal of dream elements and inconsistencies. When Donnie Yen is dressed like a superhero he’s superhuman strength, speed, and agility.

Donnie Yen’s fighting abilities become improved from the wire-work and special effects applied to them. Not that he desires such improvements because Mr. Yen is fairly quickly and badass by himself. He does an superb job if he choreographs the struggles in his films.

With no explanation, when he’s not in costume, like in the end struggle he’s normal and could be pushed to his limits. That just did not make sense to me personally at the Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen film.

The battle scenes to the film were choreographed by Donnie Yen. He included many mixed martial arts (MMA) components in the movie, together with the use of Wing Chun. The film is a bit of a tribute to Bruce Lee. Donnie Yen additional Mr. Lee’s signature shout from the Dojo struggle in the end. He also uses Nunchaku like Bruce Lee did in Fists of Fury.

I could not help but laugh when I saw Donnie’s efforts at doing the”Wachoooo”, while kicking ass in the Dojo battle. It was somewhat awkward and awkward looking, but it is all in good fun. Highly talented performer, Anthony Wong consistently does a project with his performances as a fantastic man or villain.

Japanese celebrity, Ryu Kohata does a fantastic job too. The main villain, Colonel Takeshi Chikaraishi, is a true nasty man you won’t like. Ryu Kohata performs with the creep perfectly. 1920’s age’s Shanghai, China looks showy and lovely.

The best led action sequence in the film was that the opening WWI battle scene which will make your adrenaline pumping. The magnificent battle sequence explodes on you with all the unstoppable and striking Donnie Yen as a 1 man soldier. He single-handily makes fast work of the German forces together with his trendy fighting abilities.

It is unfortunate that there were couple of actions scenes that stood out after the launching one in Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen. The majority of the movie was comprised of somewhat perplexing drama scenes. The character development is frequently told through flashback scenes. I discovered the lack of justification concerning this Chen Zhen character escaping departure from the Western 10 decades ago, after finding who had been accountable for his teacher’s murder as badly scripted.

Shu Qi is not a pure singer, but she’s adorable in her operation of these catchy tunes.

There’s some graphic content from the movie like a whole lot of blood through violent scenes along with also a semi-nude Donnie Yen while he’s being tortured. The movie has some derogatory terms mentioned during several heated scenes of discussions involving the bullied Japanese, Chinese, and Europeans that live in Shanghai.

The Chinese men and women are known as well known racial epitaphs by both the Western and the Westerners at a few scenes. The Europeans get known names too. Some things are said about females from the Japanese. A Japanese soldier identifies them as being sexual objects.

The nationalistic topics in Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen was overdone a whole lot in Hong Kong cinema.

The Japanese display are made to look very bad in this one too. The extreme final battle was choreographed by Donnie Yen and is not short. He shows his best Bruce Lee belief and just how amazing he’s at the finale. He has knocked down and comes right back enjoy the Superhero he is.

It may have been better if there were more striking action scenes showing Donnie Yen’s fighting abilities. The Kinect I have of the picture is a special edition version which includes a special features disk.

Every one of those actors/actresses talk about their personalities and experiences working on the movie. A meeting with director Andrew Lau who discusses a whole lot about the movie can be added.

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